Hello there!

I'm Gareth, and welcome to my lovely new website! Firstly, thanks for scanning the QR code that brought you here, it's great to have you and I'm delighted I printed off all those wee QR stickers now. 

About me: I'm a 29 year old flute and music teacher originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. After having taught in music schools and conservatoires in Ireland, The UK, France and Germany, I've now set up my own in-person and online music studio; The Gareth Houston Private Music Studio.

Below here, you'll find two buttons. One is to take you over to the page about studying with me. You'll find all the information about the lessons I offer, as well as my teaching style and philosophy and you'll get a look inside my studio. Wether you're an experienced performer or a total beginner, I offer something for everyone.

The other button will take you over to my Google Reviews, where you can read about other people's experiences studying with me. It takes you over to my Google page for my physical studio in Cologne, Germany, however my online studio is available worldwide!

Feel free to go exploring about my website too. There's a biography page to find out more about me personally, including my education, experiences and qualifications. There's links to my social media sites at the bottom of each page where you can check out some of my playing and projects, and at any time you can click the wee WhatsApp button to go straight to a conversation with me there. There's also a contact me page, or you can message me over on any of my social medias. 

And remember: first lessons with me are always free and without obligation, so come along and try one out, I'd love to meet you!

Thanks for stopping by,